January 17, 2011

"You've Been Sent For" - DJ Shyne aka Sheeza SuperProducer

You've been sent for his a new segment to The Italian Connection Blog , where we feature the hottest up and comers in the Underground! The First Artist is : DJ Shyne aka Sheeza

Coming to you live straight out of the rough, rugged, and raw streets of Paterson, New Jersey, DJ Shyne aka Sheeza (pronounced; shee-zah), brings you a creativity, high energy, and swagger that keeps the people's hands in the air and heads' steady boppin'! A local DJ since the age of fourteen, Sheeza has set trends and has paved the way for up and coming DJ's with his unique, yet fly style of music. Furthermore, inspired by Sheeza's music, many different artist and producers' have linked up with Sheez to collaborate on some great musical works. Ultimately, the musicians ranged from local to across the country. With artist such as; sensational rap group; The Hoodlumz (Paterson, NJ), phenomenal DJ/producer; DJ Donnie Dee (Paterson, NJ), B4Real; a rapper/producer from the hip hop group; Flipside (Paterson, NJ), and rapper Point Blank aka Megga; a local legend reigning from Paterson, NJ, with many more names to list of artist from New Jersey. Furthermore, rapper Legece the Legend (Phoenix, AZ), Lord Verse (Phoenix, AZ), rapper phenom; "Jermz" (Pasadena,CA), up and coming hip hop group; The Gillateen (Phoenix, AZ), rap group; Youngnz N Charge (Phoenix, AZ), unique, yet talented artist; Hot Sauce aka Sauce (Chicago,IL), phenomenal producer SHI aka Mr. Killin' Da Game (Chicago,IL), extremely talented lyricist; Smoke Dawg (Anaheim,CA), and dirty south driven rapper; J-Mall (Atlanta,GA). I am going to continue to stay humble and focused and as long as I continue to do so, ain't nobody gonna stop me in being where I need to be except for god himself! I don't do this for myself or the fame, I do it for my family. I been poor all my life and throughout it all I still remained positve. Bottomline, imma grind till I shine. I'm going to make it!". A statement Sheeza told a reporter during an interview for a segment in a local magazine. All of DJ Shyne aka Sheeza's works are copy written and protected by law to/for © 2008 Sheezboy Muzik. All rights reserved. Sheeza speaking; "I hope you all feel my story, my journey, for you will soon enough realize that I am a real person with the motive to achieve greatness. Not only for myself, but for my family, my true friends, and others in this cold world who need help." As in the words of Shyne Sheeza himself, "It's Go Time!".. Biography by - Katt

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