January 17, 2011

What makes you listen to a total strangers music?

Whats good my peoples? Im curious what makes you listen to a total stranger music online. Or do you listen at all ,and if not what makes you not want to check there song or video out? The online underground is FILLED with all types of emcees. Alot of good music gets over looked due to people spamming there freestlyes over "Amille" and this makes it hard for an artist to separate themselves from the crowd.

This is one reason i started this blog. So I could have my own forum and people who want to be apart of the movement can come and interact and drop feed back and get all the Exclusive Updates before anyone else gets them.

So let me know your here. If your reading this drop a comment and let me know your views on this issue.
Thank you .. Peace n Blessings
-Mic Check


Anonymous said...

I like to listen to new artist music as well as established musicians.
The web site OUR STAGE is great for hearing new music, and REVERBNATION.

Everyone NEEDS to get started somewhere and there are so many ways to get a video out to promote your music in 2011.

MICCHECK the Italian Connection said...

Mos def .. I can dig that .. I am on REverb and Ourstage .. they are two good sites to promo your music/videos. Thank you for your input!!