August 10, 2011

Just Some Background Info

Another classic underdog story. Mic Check came from a blue collar family growing up in P.A. His Mom n Dad both worked hard to support the household ,which taught Mic you have to work hard to get ahead in life. Having family in South Philly Check got to hear and see Hip Hop first hand. Mic started recording records at 18. Enoch from Taqwa Prod saw light in Check and started taking him to Labels and performing in different cities."My first show was in Fort Green Projects BK. I learned if I could get love there I could do it anywhere in the World" From being past up by Darrell Armstrong(RunDmc) in-front of Universal Manhattan along with other A&Rs n Labels put a fire in his heart. Mic Check learned that you have to do it for your self. Moved all around PA VA n TX trying to grow as an artist and create a buzz. Mic Check's first move out of PA was to VA. At the time Check was living in Williamsport traveling to Philly n NYC trying to spread his music. Once in Norfolk, VA Mic was taken to a barber shop and put on the spot to battle a local emcee. "I haven't battled in awhile, but being put on the spot I had to earn my respect. "And thats what he did. After the battle Mic was approached by Bostic from Str8Biz. The next day they were in NSU working on Mic solo Project. Check and Bostic grinded hard in the 7 cities putting out material and doing shows. "I was homeless here and there in VA from spot to spot, nights slept in my car ,I had to work dead end jobs like landscaping, selling car products at gas stations and even flipping burgers to make ends meet, but I never gave up." Now Mic has taken all his life experiences and molded them into the Emcee he is today. Released "Thee Arrangement: Level One" as a collective effort with Shaolin Soldier Babbi Par from SINY and is now performing while working on a solo album. Stay Tuned Stay Relevant. Check is on the verge of the Industry's most sought out underground artist list. Spread The Word!! Peace n Blessings

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