January 25, 2011

OG Da Arsonist

OG da Arsonist was born in 2009 - that is, the identity. The true man behind the name hails from Brooklyn, New York, born February 24, 1985, at Lenox Hill Hospital. He was given the name Kaleem Marriott. He grew up in the Coney Island Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn and attended the "Choir Academy of Harlem" for high school, traveling to various places throughout the world (Humboldt, Tokyo, etc.) singing, and graduated in 2003. The name "OG da Arsonist" was created in 2009. The name came about while OG was working in State College. His boy referred to him as "OG" due to his 6'5', 320 pound frame. OG came up with the Arsonist himself, simply stating the name fits because he "spits hot fire." - shout out to Dylan (Chappelle's Show). Sugar cookie man, this is crazy.Jonny Evans (JE) was born in Erie, PA. After attending Collegiate Academy High School, he attended Penn State Behrend, Penn State's Erie Campus. Here, JE met people who would end up being essential pieces to the music movement of today. (Rohan Ramanna, Rami Audeh, Keith Golembiewski). Audeh is a great friend and motivator of the group, Ramanna is a musician/producer and Golembieski is a guitar player. After his second year at the school, he transferred to Penn State University at University Park
Throughout the fall, despite separating, OG and JE kept in contact with everybody involved in the State College Music Movement through phones and internet. They began collaborations with DJ/Mixer David (DJ All Day Day) Carlino in Colorado. He has mixed four tracks to date, and is continuing on working on tracks for the groups upcoming mixtape/album. OG continues to work on tracks in State College with Pshyn and others, while JE is continuing to work on promotions and networking for the Firing Squad Team. Each day, the team is making productive moves and more and more people are getting involved.

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