January 20, 2011

New Music!! - "I Remember When"

New Music!! Titled: "I Remember When" Prod by Johnny Juliano This song is dedicated to hip hop for being there for me and inspiring me to dream when most others put me down. This song is for everyone that laughed at me or hated on me for being different. Alotta people growing up didnt understand me. They couldn't see my vision, but today is a new day. Funny how things change over time. Tortoise vs The Hare  Underdogs will Prevail!!! Drop a comment and let me know what you think of the new track. Thank you for your time. Peace n Blessings!!! Holla @ Ya Piazon

I Remember When by Piazon


Kyle Goodfella Gooten said...

"Yall looking real funny on the outside of VIP right now though"
tahah I like that!

Song is very real, very inspiring man, good shit.

MICCHECK the Italian Connection said...

Thank you my G .. to hear that I inspired someone i know im doing it right .. Preciate you coming through brotha!! Peace n Blessings!